How to Apply?

To apply to British Management University you should take the following steps:

STEP 1: Prepare your passport to have it ready.

STEP 2: Start your application by clicking on “APPLY NOW” button to create a personal account and to fill in an online application form.

STEP 3: Practice using our free online Mathematics exam preparation tools.

STEP 4: Schedule either the OFFLINE or the ONLINE versions of BMU Mathematics Exam (offline is 60 minutes long and online is 45 minutes long) by choosing an appropriate exam date with a help of online calendar.


For Offline Maths Exam: Arrive to BMU campus at assigned time with 1) your PASSPORT and 2) a SCANNED COPY of  your PASSPORT (you can use REPUBLIC of UZBEKISTAN IDENTIFICATION CARD instead of passport) to take BMU Maths exam. 

For Online Maths Exam: Log into your profile on this website ( before the exam and open the Online Entrance Exam link. The multiple choice test will appear on the webpage at the exam starting time.

STEP 6: Either register for an IELTS examination and score 5.5 and above (or an equivalent: TOEFL ≥ 46, Duolingo ≥ 85, Pearson ≥ 42),

Or score at least 60% at our ONLINE BMU English Test (available after August 2) and pass an online interview with one of our English teachers.

Note: You will be notified of the University’s admission decision (admitted / denied) within three weeks after you complete all of the above-mentioned steps. The decision will be made available in your personal account in the form of the official letter from the University.

The exam administration fee is 100 000 so’m (in total for all exams) and it can be paid via a bank or Payme after the exams but before receiving the contract.